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NCDA Webinar for Coach Developers

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Masamitsu Ito, Nippon Sport Science University, Deputy Director of NCDA

John Bales, International Council for Coaching Excellence, Deputy Director of NCDA

Andy Rogers, Sport New Zealand 

7th NCDA webinar for Coach Developers

Women in coaching - Creating a supportive environment

When:  Friday 18 December, 2020 (In Japan time)

Record of the Past Webinars

7th NCDA Webinar for CDs (1h11m)

Women in coaching, as in other areas of life, are significantly underrepresented. Great programs and initiatives to address these shortcomings are often thwarted by real-world implementation and cultural issues. 

This webinar will provide two short overviews of initiatives from Australia and Japan aimed at promoting a greater uptake of women into performance coaching. Both programs highlight the importance of the participating coaches having a greater voice, making more choices and feeling a sense of agency in their day-to-day work.

The webinar will explore ideas aimed at bringing about the cultural change that is at the heart of providing a workplace where female coaches feel valued and supported - a workplace where female coaches can make a positive contribution to the athletes they work with. 

Two coaches from the Australian and Japanese programs will share their thoughts on what makes for a more friendly and supportive work environment and what a reimagined workplace might look like.  

Speakers Profile


Michelle De Heighden is the National Elite Coach Manager at Gymnastics Australia, an experienced high-performance coach and coach developer and extremely passionate about facilitating coach development at the high-performance level. With over 35 years’ experience coaching, Michelle is also a qualified teacher, an international coach developer, certified by the International Coaching Council of Excellence and the NSSU NCDA Academy and holds a Master of Sport Coaching from the University of Queensland. 

Michelle has led the collaborative design and implementation of blended learning designs for grassroots to high performance coach accreditation frameworks in the club, State and National domains. She has also designed the National high performance coach development framework that involves a four-tiered approach with bespoke learning strategies. Key initiatives designed and implemented have involved International and National Immersion Programs, NextGEN female leadership Program, a Virtual Coach Program and weekly webinars and newsletters for Performance Coaches.


Pauline Harrison is a coach and consultant specialising in executive coaching, strategy and leadership development. She has played a significant role in championing change for women domestically and internationally, advocating for and leading programmes aiming to improve opportunities for women especially in the leadership domain. She is Programme Leader for the Women’s Sport Leadership Academy, a programme dedicated to developing tomorrow’s leaders of sport.

She is currently leading the Women in Coaching project for the ICCE and is Chair of the IWG 8th World Conference on Women & Sport. Pauline is living in New Zealand and is on the Board of Women in Sport Aotearoa (WISPA). WISPA is New Zealand’s leading advocacy group dedicated to gender equality in sport.


Gene Schembri has worked for Gymnastics Australia in development and coach education.

He was the Director of the Australian Coaching Council until it was absorbed into the Australian Sports Commission where he continued to work in sport education.

He was a member of the ICCE/NCDA’s Cohort 1 and a foundation board member of ICCE. Currently he consults for a range of local and international organisations in coach development.

6th NCDA webinar for Coach Developers

- SFT Tri-University International Sport Academy and beyond

When:  Friday 9 October, 2020

6th NCDA Webinar for CDs (Opening → before breakout session: 34m)
Breakout sessions by the team Guatemala, Brazil and Rwanda (each 20m)
Closing (5m)
Presentation: Coach development in Southern Africa by Pelle Kvalsund (3m 45s)

The Nippon Sport Science University Coach Developer Academy (NCDA) has been conducting the coach developer program for six and a half years as a part of Sport for Tomorrow Program, which is one of the initiative of Japan Sport Agency. As an "International Sports Academy" Tsukuba International Sport Academy (TIAS) and The National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya (NIFISA) have been working toward building “Academy for Tomorrow’s Leaders in Sport”. Each academy has its own field of specialization, but each academy has collaborated with each other in terms of human resource development and has jointly held conferences, workshops and programs. As a result of such cooperation, the ties between the students of each academy have been strengthened, and then there are cases where they cooperated to develop the business after returning to their own countries. Therefore, in this webinar, graduates of the three universities' international sports academies will be asked to introduce examples of workshops held in cooperation after returning to their own countries and the projects they are currently developing. We hope that we can provide new perspectives and ways of thinking to everyone who participates in the webinar by seeing such cases.


Please watch the presentation of each team before the webinar starts, and let's discuss it in the breakout session with attendees and guests.

Presentation of the team Guatemala (6m 40s)

Presentation of the team Brazil (6m 16s)

Presentation of the team Rwanda (3m 51s)

Speakers Profile


Juan Diego Blas Foto COG.JPG

Juan Diego is a 7th cohort of NCDA and also accepted to NIFISA 2020 (postponed due to Pandemic), he is also an active athlete who has a passion for sport for development. He has been involved in coaching athletes and coaches teaching the values of sport and promoting the life skills learned through sport. He is the Head of Sport for Social Development in the Guatemalan Olympic Committee.


Pedro Danilo Ponciano Nuñez is a graduate presenter and silver medal award for best research from Tsukuba International Academy for Sport Studies -TIAS-, has been involved coaching grassroots and conducting research projects focused on sport for development and applied Olympism in Latin America, recently received the "Emerging Scholar Award" from Sport and Society Research Network which is part of Common Ground Research Networks, University of Illinois, USA. He currently leads the department of the research of the Directorate of Sports Academic Training of the Autonomous Sports Confederation of Guatemala. Also, PhD student in education, sports and health at University of Vigo, Spain.


Larissa Galatti is Professor at the State University of Campinas/Brazil. She is part of NCDA family (cohorts 3, 6 and 7) and member of the International Council for Coaching Excelence Research Committee.



A graduate from NCDA 4th cohort and one of the 5th cohort facilitators, Paula Korsakas has been working as sport consultant for 20 years, with experience in Long Term Athlete Development Program design and Coach Development in Brazil and Latin America. She also lectures Sport Psychology and Sport Pedagogy and is a PhD candidate at the State University of Campinas/Brazil.


Taciana Pinto is a TIAS and NCDA alumni and has been involved in the Brazilian Olympic Committee program to support national federations in the development of young athletes, with coach development as one of the most important pillars.


Thatiana Freire is a cohort 6 graduate and has more than 15 years experience in managing sports programs. Currently, she is contributing to the building of the Brazilian Handball Development Center to promote coach development.

Mariana Harumi Cruz Tsukamoto .png

Mariana Harumi Cruz Tsukamoto is a participant in the NCDA Essential Program, held in September 2018. Assistant professor in the physical education and health course, works with disciplines aimed at training teachers and coaches in collective sports, gymnastics and martial arts. Master's advisor for the graduate program in Japanese Language, Literature and Culture.



Shema-Maboko Didier is a TIAS (2017-2019) and NCDA (2018) alumni.


Celestin Nzeyimana is a TIAS (2017-2019) and NCDA (2018) alumni.


The 5th NCDA webinar for Coach Developers
- Assessment in Coach Education

When: Wednesday, September 2, 2020

5th NCDA Webinar for CDs (1h03m)


Coach assessment is a consistent feature of many coach education programmes, yet it is largely overlooked within the academic research literature. As such, there has been a general failure to recognise the potential for assessment to contribute to coach learning, which we are argue is a significant oversight. Within this 5th NCDA webinar, we intend to: raise the profile of assessment in coach education, share concrete examples of assessment from around the world and introduce the ICCE Assessment in Coach Education Working Group.


Liam McCarthy currently works at the University of Central Lancashire (UK) as a Lecturer in Sports Coaching and Development. Liam is an experienced sports coaching academic and coach developer, with a track record of high quality teaching, research and applied work. For more than a decade, Liam has worked within both National Governing Bodies (NGB) and Higher Education Institutes (HEI) contributing to the professional development of over 20,000 sports coaches and coach developers. Increasingly, this work is undertaken internationally, where Liam has made significant recent contributions in Japan (NCDA) and in the USA (USCCE). Liam currently leads an International Council for Excellence (ICCE) global working group, exploring assessment as a feature of coach education. For more information, please see:

Or contact Liam here:

Speakers Profile

Claire-Marie Roberts.JPG

Dr Claire-Marie Roberts is a Chartered Sport Psychologist, a Chartered Scientist, and a BASES Accredited Sport & Exercise Scientist who works for the Premier League. She is responsible for the development of the English professional footballing workforce and runs initiatives aimed at Coach Developers and Elite Coaches in the game. In her role she has developed both academic and professional accreditation standards for Coach Developers in football in conjunction with the ICCE and CIMSPA. 

In addition to her work at the Premier League she is a Visiting Research Fellow in Sport Psychology at the University of the West of England in Bristol, and has authored over 30 scientific publications. Additionally, she has extensive experience in supporting high performance athletes and coaches from a wide range of sports prepare for international competitions including Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games. Claire-Marie is a Non-Executive Board Director of UK Anti-Doping, a special advisor to Nike, a member of the World Series Coaching group and sits on the ICCE Global Working Group for Coach Assessment.


The 4th NCDA webinar for Coach Developers
- Innovative Ways to Support Coaches’ Practice

When: Tuesday, June 23, 2020

4th NCDA Webinar for CDs (Main Room (59m) )
Breakout room by Steven Dillon, Linda Low,
Condrey Liu and Penny Crisfield (each 10m)


The 4th NCDA webinar will explore a variety of ways for coach developers to support coaches’ practice, stressing the need to identify appropriate support options for each coach and in a pragmatic, cost-effective way. It will showcase 4 different examples and use breakout rooms to allow coach developers to explore one area in more depth.

スクリーンショット 2020-06-18 10.33.04.png


Speakers Profile



Steven Dillon is currently the Pre Academy Coordinator at Melbourne Victory Football Club. He is an alumni of the ICCE / NCDA Coach Developer Academy and was previously the National Coach Development Manager of New Zealand Football. Steven now oversees the leadership of a key junior football development programme which includes players, coaches, clubs and parents and aims to facilitate positive and aspirational learning experiences for everyone involved.



Hayley Harrison is the Head Trainer at Sport Ireland Coaching and an ICCE Master Trainer, delivering Coach Developer programmes both nationally and internationally across 50+ sports. She trains Coach Developers and Trainers of Coach Developers and has a special interest in the skills required to design and deliver support programmes. Hayley also heads up the High Performance Coach Support programme in Ireland and is a High Performance coach in her own right, having coached athletics for over 30 years at World and Olympic level.



Condrey Liu is currently employed at Singapore Swimming Association as a Coach and Club Development Officer. An Alumni of the ICCE / NCDA Coach Developer Program, he led the creation of a coach development program for Swimming in Singapore. He was instrumental in the revamp of the previous coach education program for new coaches and is now working to create new Continuing Coaches Education and recertification programs for current coaches.



Linda Low has been at the forefront of coach education in the UK for many years., working with sportscotland, UK Athletics and Rugby Football League. She has designed, developed and implemented coach education systems, which resulted in her being awarded UK Coach Developer of the year in 2014. Linda is a lead facilitator on the Women’s Sport Leadership High Performance coaching programme and has responsibility for training and supporting the leadership mentoring.  She has a keen interest in leadership and sport specific mentoring and how this can support the development of high performance coaches.Linda  is now a consultant working internationally. Based in Ohio she works collaboratively with e.t.c Coaching Consultants to support the delivery of high quality coaching education and coach development.


Penny Crisfield is an ICCE Master Trainer and with John Bales, initiated the NCDA Coach Developer Programme in Japan and pioneered the ICCE Coach Developer Programmes. She wrote the ICCE International Coach Developer Framework and is the Director of her own training company, Apollinaire.  She is currently working with Norman Brook on a World Triathlon Mentoring programme which ai aiming to increase and sustain the number of women and people with disability in leadership roles and develop the skills of male and female coaches, technical officials and administrators/leaders  through a sustainable mentoring programme that will have a significant impact on the sport of triathlon. 


The 3rd NCDA webinar for  Coach Developers:

Supporting coaches where little IT resources are available

When: Thursday, May 21, 2020

3rd NCDA Webinar for CDs (Video Clip (1h03m) )
3rd Webinar.jpg


Our 3rd NCDA webinar is "Supporting coaches where little IT resources are available"

We can say that our discussions on coach development are mainly led by coach developers in developed countries. Also researches on coach development have been conducted mostly in North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and a part of South America.

 However, the truth is that all the countries are willing to have a quality coaching. It is vital to help and cooperate each other for all the athletes around world to receive quality coaching and have a foundation to live better life through sports. In this situation of COVID-19 global pandemic, we are thinking that the communication with others has got much difficult where little IT resources are available.

In this 3rd webinar, we think it is a time for us to focus our thoughts on the scene beyond IT wall, with Pelle Kvalsund (mainly in Zambia and southern African countries) and Chris Nunn (mainly in Oceanian island nations), who have been working for coach development and athlete development in developing countries, and Glenn Cundari, an international coach developer.

Speakers Profile


Glenn Cundari is the Founder and Lead Coach Developer at COACH+, a company primarily focuses on supporting sport organizations in an effort to increase coaching effectiveness. Currently working in nine different sports , he consults s current Technical Director for the PGA of Canada, responsible for the National Coach Certification Program for golf in Canada. Glenn is also the Master Coach Developer for golf in Canada. Glenn is a precious winner of the National Coach Developer of the Year in Canada. He was part of the original team that developed Canada’s Long-Term Player Development Guide for golf. His work in coach and athlete development led him to speak about instructor and coach development in 20 countries. He was a member of the group that recently developed the International Golf Coaching Framework on behalf of the International Golf Federation and the International Olympic Committee. Glenn took part in the third cohort (2016 - 2017) of the NCDA and came back to NCDA as a senior coach developer in 2017-18 . He also worked as a facilitator in introductory coach developer program of NCDA in 2018. One of Glenn’s recent highlights was as Team Canada coach at the 2019 Special Olympic World Games in United Arab Emirates.


Pelle Kvalsund is an international sport development and coach development specialist. Working with the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sport (NIF), and their international development cooperation unit, Pelle support coaches and sport associations that NIF partner with both on an individual and systemic level. His passion and job is to support the formation of coaching practices that are practical and contextually suitable for coaches and athletes in their countries. Pelle also took part in third cohort (2016 - 2017) of the NCDA and came back to NCDA as a senior coach developer in 2017-18.

3rd Webinar.jpg

Chris Nunn is motivated by getting the best out of people. As an athlete he represented Australia at the Commonwealth Games, and then transferred his knowledge and motivation across to become one of the world’s most successful Paralympic Coaches. He led the Australian Athletics Team to be the best in the world at the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games and was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for his services to people with a disability.

Chris is now an international consultant working with Olympic and Paralympic Committees with an emphasis on coach development, leadership and mentoring. He considers the critical factor in leadership is for the individual to understand themselves before attempting to lead others. Organisations which invest in their people will achieve a higher level of performance. “Build a better person, get a better result”

The 2nd NCDA webinar for  Coach Developers
- Towards Building Coach Developer Systems Across Asia/Oceania

When: Saturday, May 2, 2020

2nd NCDA Webinar for CDs (Video Clip (1h06m) )


Speakers Profile


Azhar Yusof is the Director of CoachSG at the Singapore Sport Institute; an academy leading the coach education and development in Singapore. He was previously a Senior Lecturer and Assistant Head (Teaching) at the National Institute of Education (NIE) at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU). He was a former national athlete and represented Singapore in rugby at the international stage. He later went on to pursue coaching and match officiating and was in the Asian Rugby Elite Panel and High Performance Review Panel for many years. He is also a Trainer with World Rugby and does education and training work around the region. He has a background in teaching and taught for many years in schools before joining NIE as an academic staff where he specialised in curriculum, teaching and learning. He is a qualified coach in a number of sports and his experiences in sport has enabled him to lead the coaching education and development efforts well across all sports in Singapore with the aim of raising the value proposition of sport and coaching, and realizing the national goal of “living better through sport”. Azhar gave us a brilliant talk on coach development case in Singapore in our 7th NCDA International Symposium on 15th Feb, 2020. 


Jackie Travertz (Papua New Guinea) is working at the High Performance PNG as an athletic coach and the para sport coordinator and has been working on the para athlete identify, the promotion of para sports, and the athlete/coach development in Papua New Guinea. She is also active as an athlete and participated in the Pacific Games in Samoa this year. She is a good coach as a learner and is committed to everything to improve her coaching and the coaching environment in Papua New Guinea.


A graduate and return presenter of the NCDA, Ashley Ross has been involved in coaching athletes and coaches from grass roots to world championship teams across sports and genders with experience around the globe for more than 35 years. He currently leads Coach Development for the South Australian Sports Institute.

The 1st NCDA Webinar for Coach Developers

- Supporting Coaches during COVID-19

When: Friday, 24 April 2020 

1st NCDA Webinar for CDs (Video Clip (1h10m) )

What can Coach Developers do to support coaches during the COVID-19 pandemic, where social distancing, self-isolation, closed training sites, and cancelled competitions are a new reality? What are you and your coaches doing to face these extraordinary challenges?

Share your ideas and experiences with a panel of Coach Developers, including Maiju Kokkonen from the Sports Institute of Finland, Pekka Clewer from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, and Andy Rogers from Sport New Zealand and Masa Ito from Nippon Sport Science University / NCDA.

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