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NEW Program in 2020-21

NCDA Coach Development System Building Program

NCDA Coach Development System Building P

Do you have a coaching workforce that provides athletes with a positive life experience, fosters excellence and increases participation in sports?

The NSSU Coach Developer Academy (NCDA) is pleased to announce a new program to help organizations create such a workforce by building an effective coach development system.


What’s the purpose of the program?

This program will help your organization build or enhance your system for the development of coaches at all levels of the athlete pathway. 

The vision of NSSU’s partner in the program, the ICCE, reflects the ultimate goal of the program  - that coaches are developed and supported by sustainable and professional systems.


 Who is the program for?

“Building your Coach Development System” is for leaders who are responsible for coaching from national agencies, government departments, or national / international sport federations. 

The primary target group is organizations that are initiating or at the early stages of developing a coaching system.

Two representatives from each organization are invited to participate, in order to have two leaders who can influence and initiate a significant change in the coaching system, and support one other in this endeavour.

For example this may be one from the administration/management perspective and one from the technical perspective (a senior manager or (future/potential) coach developer), or it may be representatives from two partner organizations who share responsibility for coaching development, such as a coaching director from a sport confederation/NOC and a sport development officer from a government sport department.  

Applicants should nominate those individuals who can best provide the leadership to initiate and lead change in their coaching system.


What are the benefits of attending?

Participants will engage in a comprehensive process to plan and initiate change in their coaching system, including: 

  • Analysis of the current status of their coaching systems and description of their future athlete and coach development models.

  • Applying an Athlete-Centred Coaching approach and developing a philosophy and vision for their coaching program.

  • Using learner-centred teaching methods and understanding the roles and skills needed by coach developers.

  • Agile planning to create an action-oriented approach to development.

  • Identification of the key elements of the coaching system.

  • Preparation for key events to initiate the change process.

Participants will join an exceptional group of coaching leaders who have attended past NCDA events and will become a source of support in the future.

This exceptional learning opportunity will occur in the positive sport environment provided by NSSU and feature unique Japanese cultural experiences.



What’s involved in the program?

1.An eight day workshop at NSSU in Tokyo, from 5-12th July, 2020.

Two leaders from each of six organizations/countries will be selected to participate, and work through a process to initiate system enhancement.  Participants will share experience with other organizations, learn planning and coach development skills, and use a variety of tools that will help them lead system change in their organizations.

2.Events hosted in participating countries

Organizations will host in their country two system development activities within six months of the Tokyo course, with the assistance of two NCDA Trainers.

  • A 2-3 day planning meeting of system leaders, involving key stakeholders in the coaching system, will be conducted to follow up and apply the learnings from the Tokyo course and extend the buy-in for their coaching system plan.  

  • A 2-3 day course to introduce coaches and technical leaders to the roles and skills of Coach Developers will be conducted by the NCDA Trainers and the program participants.   


3. Pre and post work

Participants will undertake to progress the development of their system, including planning, analysis and data collection.

A “one-year after” report will be submitted by the organization for review and feedback by the NCDA Trainers.

NCDA_2020-21 timeline.png

What are the costs?

The program is sponsored by Sport for Tomorrow, a program of the Japanese government to extend the benefits of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games around the world. 

Costs are outlined below:

What's cost.png

Application Process: What are the steps and timelines to apply?

・An application form can be found at for completion and submission by the deadline of 17:00 GMT, 6th April 2020.  Please see the application form for details.

・To assist in the application process, and to ensure that the program will meet participant needs, a consultative phone call (over Zoom or Skype) can be requested between March 20-27th.

・Organizations selected for participation in the program will be informed by April 24th.

・Successful participants should plan to arrive in Tokyo by July 4th, and depart on July 12th Afternoon. 

Coaching is an essential element to a successful sport system –

let’s work together to create an effective, athlete-centred coaching system.

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